Nae Zerka

Previously an electronic producer and techno DJ, Nae Zerka’s works are a fusion of fine art and digital technology.
There is an explosive and colourful polarity to Nae’s works.
Nae has exhibited across Europe and was listed among ArtConnect’s Artists To Watch 2021.

Virtual artist Nae Zerka, born in 1969, lives and works in Salzburg, Austria. He takes inspiration from the digital realm, graphic design and music. An electronic producer and techno DJ himself, his works are a symphonious blend of fine art and technology.

Nae Zerka's Style

Nae is known for his striking compositions and intense colour palettes. His dynamic paintings, a mixture of digital photography and painterly gestures, represent opposites; they polarize and are infused with contrast, presenting an explosion of shapes and forms. His abstract works such as Girl On A Wire often originate as paintings and are then digitally processed. The result is expansive and atmospheric artworks that invite the viewer to feel, sense and discover a new reality.


Nae has participated in group exhibitions across Europe. For instance, at Art3F Salon International D'Art Contemporain, Luxembourg (2020), M.A.D.S Photo Award, Milan (2020) and Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2020).

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