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Science & Technology Art For Sale

Browse science and technology themed art for sale online today. Each artwork has been hand-selected by our curatorial experts, with work ranging from paintings to sculpture, prints and photography. Shop today to find the perfect new science and technology themed piece for your home. Begin your search by exploring our collection of prints, photographs and paintings.

Or take a look at some of our artists: Briony Marshall's eye-catching sculptures combine a conceptual approach with a material inspired process. Using artistic practice as a form of scientific research, Marshall’s style incorporates a range of different mediums, techniques and forms. From the stunningly layered Disruption, made of rammed earth and Iron Oxide, from the intriguing use of bronze in Boat Isomer, our online gallery displays Marshall’s diverse style.

Mark Batty's harmonious paintings of the solar system are both stark and mesmerizing. Batty admires the serene beauty of outer space, whilst gesturing towards the darkness of the unknown.

In artistic practice, science and technology are explored through chemical physical and biological observation. The general attitude to science and technology changed immensely over the course of the 19th and 20th century. With the invention of the camera, the car and the aeroplane among others, the age of industrialisation shifted the landscape of modern art. Artists were inspired by technological advancements, industrial progress, and scientific breakthroughs.

From the advancement in quantum mechanics, to the moon landing, groundbreaking discoveries and events had a vast influence on modern artists. Kandinsky’s abstract impression of the cosmos in Several Circles and Seurat’s exploration of light in Bathers at Asniers both exhibit the influence of science and technology in art.

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    showing 86 pieces

    Red and Yellow Sulphur 1

    Paintings - 50x80 cm


    Prints - 51x53 cm

    It's about square

    Collage - 81x80 cm

    Earth Time

    Sculpture - 47x25 cmRent for $130 /mo

    Le Poulpe

    Paintings - 100x50 cm

    Red and yellow Sulphur 2

    Paintings - 50x80 cm

    Crescent Saturn

    Paintings - 30x30 cm

    Crescent Neptune

    Paintings - 30x30 cm

    Make Cline

    Paintings - 69x71 cmRent for $90 /mo


    Paintings - 40x40 cm

    Eagle Nebula

    Paintings - 25x25 cmRent for $95 /mo


    Sculpture - 15x15 cmRent for $70 /mo

    The Hunt for Red OctoBEAR

    Photography - 30x45 cm


    Prints - 98x97 cm

    Lovelock's shoulders

    Sculpture - 20x25 cmRent for $175 /mo

    Red and Yellow Sulphur 3

    Paintings - 50x80 cm

    Portal To The Stars

    Paintings - 132x132 cm

    CS6 - 10

    Installation - 200x275 cmRent for $1,395 /mo

    Patterns of Growth

    Sculpture - 150x103 cmRent for $745 /mo

    Untitled drawing

    Drawings - 30x42 cm

    Chair Isomer

    Sculpture - 13x20 cmRent for $275 /mo


    Sculpture - 15x15 cmRent for $70 /mo

    Looking Back

    Paintings - 120x100 cmRent for $430 /mo


    Paintings - 120x120 cmRent for $335 /mo

    Rainbow Road

    Photography - 30x45 cm

    Cosmos LIII

    Prints - 52x62 cm

    The Emergence of Chemistry

    Installation - 152x270 cm

    Crescent Earth

    Paintings - 30x30 cmRent for $65 /mo

    Je suis vivant

    Sculpture - 75x42 cm


    Sculpture - 23x29 cmRent for $430 /mo