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Yannick Bouillault


Interpreter rather than artist, Yannick Bouillault is a great enthusiast of raw material and the transformation of materials. Geometric abstractions, female busts or minimalist figures are all benchmarks that lead to the universe of this great technician.

Budding creator since childhood

Born in 1968, Yannick Bouillault has always created. Passionate about the material, he learned the profession of boilermaker that he exercises for years before turning spontaneously towards sculpture in 2016. It is the transformation of different materials such as metal, wood, stone, different Works, sometimes complex he has produced for years, which have led him to open a new creative breach.

Play between full and gaps

Self -taught, Yannick Bouillault works essentially steel. He associates the color from time to time which, according to him, animates feelings. He creates as his thoughts are inspired by inspired by the excitement of beings as well as the lack of movement of matter. Yannick Bouillault prefers an interpreter to be named rather than an artist. He recognizes it, each of us speaks in his own way, simply by the knowledge of his profession. His works, whether they provoke emotion or reflection, evolve irreparably over time ...

Selected Works

Le liquide noir #338

Sculpture - 45x23 cm

Bleue water

Sculpture - 47x25 cm

Spinnaker R40

Sculpture - 40x30 cm

Liquid metal #337

Sculpture - 86x31 cm

Le liquide rose

Sculpture - 42x22 cm

L'étameuse de Pompéi

Sculpture - 38x16 cm

Sectionnement vert

Sculpture - 36x25 cm

La formation du delta

Sculpture - 49x21 cm

Le liquide rouge

Sculpture - 40x21 cm

Liquid ochre

Sculpture - 38x19 cm

Pastel section

Sculpture - 34x24 cm

Le petit spinnaker rose

Sculpture - 18x9 cm

La parade

Sculpture - 22x21 cm

Fluide bleu

Sculpture - 31x22 cm

Green period

Sculpture - 17x7 cm

Turquoise spi 2

Sculpture - 21x15 cm

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