Manfred Hellweger

Emerging Artist

The Austrian sculptor Manfred Hellweger (*1986) lives and works in Pettneu am Arlberg and Nesselgarten near Fliess in Tyrol. In 2004, Manfred graduated as a sculptor at the technical school for arts and crafts in Elbigenalp (Tyrol). Shortly after, he became self-employed as a freelance artist and in 2013 additional graduated as a stone sculptor at the technical school for stone processing in Lasa (South Tyrol).

Creative process and inspiration of Manfred Hellweger

In his works, the artist deals with questions of meaning and value in existence, the world and people. His unmistakable sculptures are mainly made of wood and metal. Cubes, strips, boards or nails are connected to each other using different techniques in such a way that a figurative or abstract form emerges that tapers downwards. Through this process, Manfred Hellweger's sculptures seem to dissolve vertically and create a flowing dynamic. The artist refers here to the constant change of our time. Everything changes and evolves, nothing stays the same.

Manfred Hellweger Artworks

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    Essence of time I by Manfred Hellweger

    Essence of time I

    Sculpture - 110x23 cm
    human flow WALL II by Manfred Hellweger

    human flow WALL II

    Sculpture - 91x37 cm
    human flow WALL I by Manfred Hellweger

    human flow WALL I

    Sculpture - 138x51 cm
    time hole IV by Manfred Hellweger

    time hole IV

    Sculpture - 40x40 cm
    human nails XI by Manfred Hellweger

    human nails XI

    Sculpture - 174x32 cm
    freedom 3620 by Manfred Hellweger

    freedom 3620

    Sculpture - 186x30 cm
    inner values by Manfred Hellweger

    inner values

    Sculpture - 189x40 cm
    climate mountain flow I by Manfred Hellweger

    climate mountain flow I

    Sculpture - 151x173 cm
    time hole III by Manfred Hellweger

    time hole III

    Sculpture - 40x40 cm
    Human cubes 144 by Manfred Hellweger

    Human cubes 144

    Sculpture - 166x66 cm

    human cubes 111

    Sculpture - 186x76 cm

    mountain flow #3

    Sculpture - 121x140 cm

    human flow HYPERION

    Sculpture - 240x45 cm

    cross section

    Sculpture - 72x72 cm

    human nails #10

    Sculpture - 225x44 cm

    human nails #9

    Sculpture - 191x30 cm

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