Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker has created work for Selfridges, the V&A Museum and Tate Modern.
Early on in Lauren’s career, Vogue nicknamed her ‘The Queen of Skulls’.
Lauren became an artist after spending time in the Peruvian jungle in 2012.

London-based artist Lauren Baker is known for her signature neon typographic artworks. Centred around energies, spiritual concepts and the vibrations of human connections, Lauren creates art that radiates positivity and follows a quest for truth. The hopeful phrases in Lauren’s prints reveal the fragility of life, the expansiveness of the universe and, ultimately the importance of love and human consciousness. From the initial inspiration that came during time spent in the Peruvian jungle, to an array of installations at the V&A Museum and Tate Britain, in 8 short years Lauren has established herself as a global artist.

Lauren Baker’s Installations

Lauren’s installations have been shown everywhere, from Europe to the Middle East. Whether creating a 7.5 metre neon sign across a bridge in London, or collaborating on multiple projects with Help Refugees or Save Wild Tigers, Lauren’s social conscience prevails as the driving force to her art. One of her most recent projects was Frequency Of The Sun, a large scale sculpture made out of wood, metal and recycled plastic. Standing 4 metres tall in the desert in Saudi Arabia, Lauren was commissioned by UNESCO and used experimental software to create this ground-breaking piece of art.


Lauren’s prints encapsulate the energy of her celebrated neon light installations. Ensuring an effect that is as close to the original light piece as possible, Lauren uses the highest quality grade paper, pigments and gloss varnishes to emulate the quality of her neon art. Some prints are even finished in diamond dust to ensure a glowing quality to her art.

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