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Taking Neon to the Next Level with Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker takes neon to new levels, with fields of energy, vibrations and materials like crystal and bone. Find out more about Lauren's fascinating practice.

By Lori Zimmer | 13 Mar 2018

Inspired by the glow of pure energy, Lauren uses meditation, chakras and interpreting energy to choose the colour fields and shapes that appear in her sculptures, installations and prints. Coupling holistic materials like crystals and bones with colour therapy, her energy-focused works have made her an artist to watch across the globe.

Photo credit: Neil Collins


How did energy, auras and vibrations come to find a place in your artwork?

I’ve dedicated the last 7 years in a quest searching for meaning. This journey led me to travel the world, dabbling with spiritual concepts and engaging with a number of gurus and sacred ceremonies. The quest instantly led me to art.

Crystal Brain


I noticed as a young girl that I can read people’s energy and the energy of a space. Light is the only energy we see, yet we have a feeling of so many types of energy. My recent work focuses on interpreting these unseen energies.

Universal Frequency


In The White Light, you tackle the universal trifecta of life, death and afterlife. Can you tell us why you decided to be quite literal with the coffin shape?

The coffin shape is a fierce and unapologetic confrontation with mortality. I think we should be reminded of our mortality often, even daily, in order to live our lives to the fullest in each moment.

The White Light


The White Light, when you look head-on, shows a seemingly never-ending light representing the doorway for energy to pass through to the other side. However, when you look to the side, the criss-cross patterns represent a multitude of possible other dimensions.

The White Light from the front.


Can you tell us a bit about your neon practice and process?

My neons are made in two neon factories – one in London and one in LA. I learnt the basics of glass bending at The Neon Workshop about 6 years ago and my vision for neon creations grew from there.

Photo credit: Neil Collins


I use the medium of neon to express uplifting and passionate messages of love and unity (e.g., ‘We Are One’ and ‘Everything Is Going To Be Fucking Amazing’). Recently I’m most obsessed with the mesmerizing effect of combining infinity mirror with neon.

You Are Pure Magic


You've had quite an impressive past few years, from exhibiting at The Tate and the V&A to opening your own gallery in Covent Garden. What's next for us to look out for?

Thanks! Honestly, it’s been non-stop for a seven years. Next up, I’m exhibiting with Gas Gallery at AAF NYC at the end of March and I’m at Scope Art Fair during Art Basel in Switzerland via Laurent Malther Gallery in June. I’m also working on exciting projects with Kinetica Museum and can’t wait to release the new work.


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