Myriam Schreiber


"Myriam Schreiber, Lie and Délie This painter-sculptor offers us a heterogeneous, but unified reality: materials, formats, techniques, styles combine on all modes, expression of emergency and spontaneity, repetition and movement. Of her work: she frees the gesture and her letting go; energy of action, between the need for speed and a gestation work that it lets mature, as outside. Sculpture: if she knows how to model a face in the clay earth in a jiffy, she can just as much go for hours to polish a bronze. Painting: frank, saturated, aggressive, often dark colors, with a brush, the pot! Made on the wall or on the floor, it painted, wipers, scratch, tears, glue, flows, closer, stamps and retamper ... "Marilyne Legros

Selected Works

Ondine by Myriam Schreiber


Sculpture - 25x22 cm
Accroc by Myriam Schreiber


Sculpture - 150x50 cm
Revers by Myriam Schreiber


Sculpture - 36x15 cm
K.ré23 by Myriam Schreiber


Paintings - 34x34 cm
K.ré21 by Myriam Schreiber


Paintings - 34x34 cm
K.ré19 by Myriam Schreiber


Paintings - 34x34 cm
K.ré18 by Myriam Schreiber


Paintings - 34x34 cm
Serrée by Myriam Schreiber


Sculpture - 5x46 cm
K.ré 17 by Myriam Schreiber

K.ré 17

Paintings - 34x34 cm
K.ré 16 by Myriam Schreiber

K.ré 16

Paintings - 34x34 cm

K.ré 15

Paintings - 34x34 cm

Une île

Sculpture - 20x20 cm

K.ré 12

Paintings - 34x34 cm

K.ré 11

Paintings - 34x34 cm

K.ré 10

Paintings - 34x34 cm

K.ré 6

Paintings - 34x34 cm

K.ré 3

Paintings - 34x34 cm

K.ré 2

Paintings - 34x34 cm

Solo 3

Drawings - 16x11 cm

K.ré 9

Paintings - 34x34 cm

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