Arnaud Lorieau


Arnaud Lorieau's work develops over time in the form of serial ensembles. These are a source of new questions and new challenges, enabling me to develop my practice. Today, he uses the IPad as a working tool before painting and as a research notebook before the studio. With it, he has access to what he is looking for: the purity of form and space. The digital visuals selected to 'make work' are projected onto a wall in the studio using a video projector, to define the format of each future work. Finally, the image is projected onto the canvas to 'fix' the composition. "But I'm a painter. Which means that the gesture linked to the posture and the pictorial material take over from the flatness of the image to reinterpret it."

Selected Works

A. 9/ Colonne by Arnaud Lorieau

A. 9/ Colonne

Paintings - 146x103 cm
A. 10/ Purple lovers by Arnaud Lorieau

A. 10/ Purple lovers

Paintings - 81x65 cm
A. 14 by Arnaud Lorieau

A. 14

Paintings - 80x64 cm
A. 12/ Butterfly by Arnaud Lorieau

A. 12/ Butterfly

Paintings - 106x139 cm
A. 3 by Arnaud Lorieau

A. 3

Paintings - 65x54 cm
A. 8 by Arnaud Lorieau

A. 8

Paintings - 112x85 cm
Pétale blanc 2 by Arnaud Lorieau

Pétale blanc 2

Paintings - 61x112 cm
Pétale blanc 1 by Arnaud Lorieau

Pétale blanc 1

Paintings - 114x146 cm
Blanche XVII by Arnaud Lorieau

Blanche XVII

Paintings - 89x55 cm
Blanche III by Arnaud Lorieau

Blanche III

Paintings - 208x73 cm

Blanche II

Paintings - 92x73 cm

Blanches XVI

Paintings - 85x195 cm

Variation Blanche n°XVI

Paintings - 195x89 cm

Variation n°4 / Double

Paintings - 70x206 cm

Variation Blanche XVI n°1

Paintings - 81x260 cm

Variation Blanche XVI n°6

Paintings - 25x85 cm

Blanches XIV

Paintings - 100x130 cm

Blanche XI

Paintings - 130x89 cm

Blanche IX (1)

Paintings - 100x65 cm

Blanche XIII

Paintings - 75x110 cm

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