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        Many of Daniela Schweinsberg’s palettes have become paintings in themselves.
        Daniela works in mixed media to create her large scale paintings.
        Daniela has been working in her own studio space since 2008.

        German painter Daniela Schweinsberg explores the peaceful properties of nature in her abstract paintings. Her mixed media pieces consist of acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal and pencil to give a textural feel to her art. Working across large scale canvases just as much as small scale, Daniela impart the same dynamic energy into every piece of art. Resembling the styles of Abstract Expressionist painters Willem de Kooning and Cy Twombly, Daniela encourages the viewer to question our own relationship with nature. Characterised by gestural brushstrokes, layered colour and frenzied abstract compositions, Daniela creates art fueled by experience and emotion.

        Daniela Schweinsberg’s Background

        Born in 1973, Daniela lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. Daniela spent much of her life as a business woman before stepping into the art world in 2004. Initially self-taught, as she developed her practice, Daniela trained under artists such as Peter Tomschiczek, Peter Casagrande and Professor Adam Jankowski. Daniela’s paintings have made their way around the world, showing in exhibitions across Europe, the US and Asia.

        Daniela’s Painting Diaries

        Daniela immortalises the process-led nature of her art with her Painting Diaries series. The collection showcases a number of paintings that previously existed as colour palettes in her studio before being framed and themselves made into pieces of art. The paintings in this series resemble Daniela’s large works whilst holding onto their own unique visual language.

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