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Billy Dust is the new pseudonym of a street art artist. He created this alter ego to venture, masked, in a more colorful and dreamlike universe than the one in which he usually evolves. Shapes and colors play their transparency in a soft ballet between abstraction and figurative. His works, designed in part digitally, are reinterpreted and transformed under the brush and acrylic. Digital, lithography and painting meet there to create a water, playful and accessible, resolutely jubilant and bright universe. In turn, his work evokes nature, architecture, balance, sweetness, and sometimes childhood. A ballet of stories held by a common thread: color.

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    Leon by Billy Dust


    Paintings - 81x81 cm
    Roll With it by Billy Dust

    Roll With it

    Prints - 30x30 cm
    Yoke by Billy Dust


    Prints - 30x30 cm
    Udazkena by Billy Dust


    Paintings - 50x50 cm
    Desert Stone by Billy Dust

    Desert Stone

    Paintings - 50x50 cm
    Baby Blue by Billy Dust

    Baby Blue

    Paintings - 100x75 cm
    Badu Boy by Billy Dust

    Badu Boy

    Paintings - 95x80 cm
    Light Ceramic by Billy Dust

    Light Ceramic

    Paintings - 75x100 cm
    Blue Raccoon by Billy Dust

    Blue Raccoon

    Paintings - 100x75 cm
    Indy lupy by Billy Dust

    Indy lupy

    Paintings - 80x105 cm

    Little dust

    Paintings - 100x75 cm

    White colors

    Paintings - 96x126 cm

    Light flowers

    Paintings - 70x140 cm

    Western flowers

    Paintings - 96x126 cm


    Paintings - 100x75 cm

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