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      Lucie Jirku's background in graphic design and fine art gives a distinctive look and feel to her paintings.
      Lucie's work can be found in private collections in the USA and Europe.
      Lucie's large-format paintings make perfect statement pieces for the home.

      Lucie Jirku is an emerging artist living and working in Prague, 2007 graduated from the prestigious Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (MA Degree) and in 2005 attended University of Southampton, UK.

      Lucie's primary focus is on contemporary abstract artworks that are influenced by nature, elementary forms (round, square, triangle etc.) and by architecture.

      Lucie always tries to achive a fresh, modern look that would lend a modern edge to any interior. Her way of creating is intended for the playful and plainspoken transformation of clean abstract forms, bold colours and various textures into a unique painting.

      Since 2003 Lucie has been regularly creating unique abstract paintings and bespoke artworks for private collectors also including a variety of interior design projects for corporate clients. Her work is currently in private and corporate collections round the world: USA, UK, across Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and in Taiwan.

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