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      Clinton Kirkpatrick

      Clinton is interested in the historical timeline of the human form and seeks to examine how we function within systems that intend to guide or alter our perception.
      Clinton’s works are a baffling mix of comical and probing, bright and unsettling.
      Clinton has a BA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Huddersfield.

      Clinton Kirkpatrick, born in Lisburn, Northern Island, is a multimedia visual artist known for his probing, figurative style. Clinton, currently based in Belfast, is interested in how we understand the human form from both an individual perspective and a larger societal perspective.

      Clinton Kirkpatrick’s Craft

      Clinton experiments with a range of mediums including painting, drawing, collage and different printmaking techniques such as cyanotype, woodcut and monotype. His oil paintings in particular, are greatly influenced by themes of place, space, existentialism and travel, ideas which he brings to life in weird and wonderful, topsy-turvy scenes. His canvases are at once comical, making use of bold and explosive colour palettes, and provocative; shapes and spaces seem to resemble the familiar but are just out of view, extending beyond the borders of our mind. Clinton forces the viewer to challenge their perspective and question their existence.

      Exhibitions and Collections

      Clinton has enjoyed many local and international showcases. His first international solo exhibition was at the Nairobi National Museum in May 2014, a show which was greatly influenced by his time spent travelling. The artist has also worked with the Strand Arts Centre and EastSide Arts on many community projects.

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