Ellannah Sadkin transforms cartoon imagery into chic, groovy paintings.
The artist has exhibited her work at fairs and galleries in London and New York City.
Ellannah's colourful paintings will make any wall *pop*.

Ellannah Sadkin is a young American artist whose contemporary paintings are characterised by hard black lines, bright flat colour and a mixture of geometric and organic shapes. Her style is often described as ‘comic abstraction’ or ‘surrealist cartooning’. We love the way Ellannah transforms child-like cartoon imagery into sophisticated portraits and abstracts.

The artist travelled between London and New York when growing up, and she was drawn to the vibrant street art scenes in both cities - this theme permeates her artwork. Another inspiration she cites is 90s cartoons.

Ellannah, who is self-taught, has exhibited her paintings at art fairs and galleries in London and New York.

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