Ellannah Sadkin creates colourful Pop Art paintings inspired by the vibrant street art in London and New York.
Ellannah’s style is often described as ‘comic abstraction’ or ‘surrealist cartooning’.
Ellannah was mentored by world-famous artists KAWS and Ben Eine.

Ellannah Sadkin is a young American painter known for her bright Pop Art creations. A colourful consortium of comic books, abstract paintings and surrealist cartoons, her works are bursting with originality and flair.

Ellanah Sadkin’s Early Career

Ellannah grew up surrounded by creative masterminds which paved the way for her experimental approach to art. Her father, Alex Sadkin, was a prestigious music producer who collaborated with the likes of Grace Jones, Bob Marley and James Brown. She was also lucky enough to be mentored by KAWS and Ben Eine. Ellannah has exhibited at art fairs and galleries in London and New York City.

Style and Practice

Citing 90s cartoons and big-city street art as her inspiration, Ellannah puts graphic cartoon imagery through a unique process of abstraction, creating chic and sophisticated portraits and abstract paintings. Her use of hard black lines, bright flat colour and a vivacious blend of geometric and organic shapes make for lively and animated works. Her canvases are an exploration of our various psychological states, imbuing them with a deeper mood and meaning than first meets the eye. Her series Toonology directly explores her emotional journey during the creative process.

If you would like to find out more about Ellannah Sadkin, read our interview with the artist here.

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