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Ben Eine is one of the leading names in contemporary street art.
Fans of typography and design will love these recognisable prints
Ben Eine's work was given to US president Obama by David Cameron and his wife Samantha during their visit to Washington.

Ben Eine is a renowned British artist whose work explores font and lettering. Ben’s distinctive typographical style is incredibly popular in the UK, so popular in fact that David Cameron gifted Barack Obama with one of Ben’s paintings in 2010. We love the artist’s colourful, puzzle-like prints. While the designs are edgy and urban, they also have a chic, sophisticated look about them.

Ben’s journey to fame is a fascinating one. The artist, who initially worked in insurance, began spraying shop fronts in Spitalfields with huge, colourful letters. While Ben does still use the walls and shutters of London shops as his canvas, his paintings now sell for between £10,000 and £20,000.

After Cameron presented Obama with Ben’s ‘21st Century City’ painting, the artist was asked to exhibit his work in San Francisco. The show sold out before the doors had even opened! Ben has subsequently exhibited paintings all over Europe as well as in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo.

Selected Works


Prints - 61x61 cm


Prints - 61x61 cm


Prints - 61x61 cm

Change (Artist Proof)

Prints - 45x70 cm


Prints - 64x70 cm


Prints - 69x69 cm

A-Z Whitewalls (oranges)

Prints - 66x66 cm
Image courtesy of Ungry Young Man

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