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Born in September 1980, Saname was a student in school failure, at the bottom of the class he imagines himself .... He took refuge very early in the drawing and the bicycle which gives him pleasure and freedom. Accustomed to punishments and copies, his signature is surmounted by a donkey cap like a revenge assumed on the dunce that he was ... Discreet artist Saname is in full ascent. He discovers graffiti in an old factory when it is only 10 years old. Subsequently the art of the street, the museums will shape its artistic education. Self -taught engaged on a spontaneous and abstract path mixing geometric shapes, letters, lines, drips and splashes, Saname creates colorful works. The gestural energy and the intensity of the colors places the spectator in a musical and dynamic composition. His works are present in private collections in many countries.

Selected Works

Tag n°2310

Paintings - 110x215 cm

Tag n°2309

Paintings - 110x215 cm

Crâne n°2303

Paintings - 107x117 cm

100 titres 99

Paintings - 107x117 cm

100 Titres 98

Paintings - 107x116 cm

100 titres 97

Paintings - 107x117 cm

Tag n° 2308

Paintings - 107x217 cm

Tag n°16

Sculpture - 16x39 cm

Tag n°2307

Paintings - 107x167 cm

Sana n°2307

Paintings - 107x117 cm

Fish n°2309

Paintings - 107x140 cm

Fish n°2308

Paintings - 107x127 cm

Fish n° 2306

Paintings - 107x117 cm

Fish n°2304

Paintings - 107x182 cm

Tag n°2305

Paintings - 107x206 cm

Sana n°2306

Paintings - 107x146 cm

Tag n°15

Sculpture - 18x51 cm

Tag n°14

Sculpture - 18x51 cm

Tag n°13

Sculpture - 13x21 cm

Tag n°12

Sculpture - 15x29 cm

Commission an artwork by Saname

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