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        Luis Esquivel

        Luis Esquivel graduated from the Technological University of Mexico with a degree in Graphic Design in 2005.
        Luis’ artworks are an electric medley of traditional mediums and hypermodern digital media and visuals.
        The emerging artist has worked with major global graphic design studios and advertising agencies.

        Mexican artist Luis Esquivel is known for his neon artwork. Often inspired by electronic music, Luis integrates graphic art, textile design and technology to form eye-catching and disruptive installations. Striking neon colour gradients and geometric shapes characterise Luis' hyper-modern style. Breaking away from traditional modes of art, Luis places new forms of visual media and self-expression centre stage.

        Luis Esquivel’s Style and Practice

        Luis transforms digital and technological visuals into tangible, analogue mediums such as paintings and sculptures. This transformation cleverly conserves the transitoriness of modern life; taking fleeting moments and turning them into something palpable and lasting. Luis prompts awe and intrigue with his use of bright neon colours, tapping into our ever-growing fascination with technological advancements. His craft is enriched by a whole parade of mediums. The artist works with everything from spray paint, digital print and acrylic paint to PVC, wood, mud and other textiles.

        Exhibitions featuring works by Luis Esquivel

        Before launching his signature Luis Esquivel Neon Art, the artist worked extensively with global graphic design studios and advertising agencies. His neon inventions have been exhibited widely, including at ‘The Contemporaries’ at Aguafuerte Gallery in Mexico City, and The Other Art Fair in Dallas, USA, in 2020.

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