Yannick Duriez


Yannick Duriez, better known under the pseudonym Matwo is a painter and illustrator. Passionate about painting and illustration from a very young age, he undertakes studies in graphics and painting at the St Luc Institute as well as the Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai in Belgium, working on different supports and techniques. The themes addressed are diverse and varied. Art is a field of freedom with multiple possibilities: he likes to vary the subjects and come back to enhance his collections thanks to new energies. It begins to create in the 2000s through graffiti. This is where his nickname "Matwo", derived from the word Matou, was born. He develops an imagination around a gutter cat, to develop a universe with soft and bitter colors. His tomcat is a mirror with emotions that allows him to explore different techniques, imbued with music and the universe in which he is. The tomcat continues its path through the universe of cut paper thanks to old paper, loaded with soul and history which give a more abstract and more instinctive meaning to its work. A technique which he considers "accidental", and allows him to exploit other pictorial borders. & Nbsp; then the tomcat turns to the museum universe. Surrounded by the work of his predecessors, he discovers the history of art, artistic currents and especially realism. He then decides to explore the study on a living model to give a more realistic side to his work. It was then that collections are born such as "Les Fusains", the collection "Ghost," Eros "and" Vegetalys ". He studied the compositions of the great masters like Rubens, Caravage, Delatour, Courbet. By revisiting certain well -known paintings, he gives a red thread to his work, that of "vanity" by adopting the technique of the charcoal. From this series follows the collection "Humor Nouart". & Nbsp; always permeated by the theme of vanity, he decides to have fun and create a universe around death. He considers that she becomes less tragic by illustrating it with a little humor. & Nbsp; often questioned for his nickname "Matwo", he considers that it suits him very well. Like the cat that has several lives, its different collections live with each other. Its different collections can accept its accuracy. He likes to be where we do not expect him by returning regularly with new desires and new pictorial projects. & Nbsp;

Selected Works

Le visage by Yannick Duriez

Le visage

Paintings - 41x33 cm
Barbara Gourde by Yannick Duriez

Barbara Gourde

Paintings - 41x33 cm
La Sirène by Yannick Duriez

La Sirène

Paintings - 160x220 cm
Bicki Boogie by Yannick Duriez

Bicki Boogie

Paintings - 146x80 cm
Peter Rumsteack by Yannick Duriez

Peter Rumsteack

Paintings - 50x30 cm
Super Boy by Yannick Duriez

Super Boy

Paintings - 190x250 cm
Venus by Yannick Duriez


Paintings - 146x80 cm
Street's Legend by Yannick Duriez

Street's Legend

Paintings - 180x150 cm
Hector by Yannick Duriez


Paintings - 146x80 cm
Le surfer by Yannick Duriez

Le surfer

Paintings - 145x160 cm


Paintings - 120x120 cm

Round 1

Paintings - 160x230 cm


Paintings - 160x230 cm

Purple Dream

Paintings - 216x200 cm

La balade burlesque

Paintings - 140x130 cm

Tête de ...

Paintings - 30x24 cm

Siffler en travaillant

Paintings - 30x25 cm

cul qui gratte

Paintings - 30x25 cm

Cul plat

Paintings - 30x25 cm

Bisou prout

Paintings - 30x25 cm

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