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Maurizio Toffoletti

Maurizio Toffoletti was born in Lecce, south of Italy. He graduated from the School of State of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce where he received a solid classical training.
From as far as he remembers, he always wanted to be a sculptor, marble fascinates him. His initial influences are those of Antiquity - Egyptian in particular, and classics such as Michelangelo, which guide his first achievements. Quickly, it opens up to other influences: those of the great modern masters such as Brancus, Moore, Picasso. Dail, Miro, Max Ba, Marino Marini, Calder, Arp.
His installation in Paris in 1989 marks a turning point in his career and in his artistic evolution.
Maurizo Toffoletti establishes marble as a material of contemporary creation. He favors monumental sculptures. His research leads him to transparency, the game of light on and in marble, that his art makes diaphanous.
From 1990, the artist seeks to vibrate marble: stone became a musical instrument under caress. It is at the same time that he explores the concepts of time space: galaxies, the birth of a star, stars, meteorites, black holes, the explosion of a supernova, the planets become his new source of inspiration. This is how he created mobile sculptures: meteor shots, he is also inspired by the city, which he represents in aerial view. Since his arrival in France, he has continued to exhibit.
All these exhibitions definitively include the work of Maurizio Toffoletti in the international artistic landscape.

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