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Antonin Anzil

Emerging Artist

Antonin Anzil brings paper, renamed so white, so calm, volumes, abstract forms, sometimes even geometric. By highlighting all the material qualities of the paper, his predilection material, he invites us to reconsider it each in his own way, and according to his own imagination to discover cottony, air or even cartographic landscapes. A decisive interest in engraving Born in 1988 in Blois, Antonin Anzil lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the European School of Image of Poitiers in 2010, and the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2012, he then worked at the Francis Kurkdjian house creation studio until 2017. Lover of paper, Antonin Anzil surrounded himself with a beautiful figure in the matter, Fran├žois Verdier. This engraver makes him discover a technique, tools and papers that Antonin still uses today for the creation of his bas-reliefs. An goldsmith's work on paper Finesse and delicacy characterize his artistic work. The paper support seems incompatible with the idea that we have of engraving or sculpture; And yet. Curely, the artist gives birth to the relief, to appear for forms, the patterns, multiplies the points, creates a universe of paper. On the white surface, bright paper develop interior landscapes, invented maps, secret patterns. A palpable art that oscillates between figuration and abstraction Antonin Anzil's works are both poetic and tangible, and we would almost like to caress these delicate lace with your fingertips. It is up to everyone to build their personal images, to seek their landmarks between the lines. Some seem marked by the decorative arts, and close to textiles, recalling patterns of drapes or tapestries. Still others send us back to calm landscapes, aerial views of territories ... Just let yourself go and dream about this trip. Antonin Anzil also works on order. Do not hesitate to contact the Kazoart team for more information. To read: the success story of Antonin Anzil on Kazoart's blog

Antonin Anzil Artworks

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    Terra Incognita by Antonin Anzil

    Terra Incognita

    Sculpture - 60x60 cm
    Corail #3 by Antonin Anzil

    Corail #3

    Sculpture - 25x25 cm
    Deux Oursins Klein by Antonin Anzil

    Deux Oursins Klein

    Sculpture - 31x23 cm
    Corail Klein by Antonin Anzil

    Corail Klein

    Sculpture - 31x23 cm
    Oursin Klein by Antonin Anzil

    Oursin Klein

    Sculpture - 24x24 cm
    Grand Corail Klein by Antonin Anzil

    Grand Corail Klein

    Sculpture - 54x54 cm
    Oursin #8 by Antonin Anzil

    Oursin #8

    Sculpture - 15x15 cm
    Oursin #7 by Antonin Anzil

    Oursin #7

    Drawings - 15x15 cm
    Oursin #6 by Antonin Anzil

    Oursin #6

    Sculpture - 15x15 cm
    Corail #1 by Antonin Anzil

    Corail #1

    Prints - 36x26 cm

    Une ligne

    Sculpture - 15x25 cm

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