Lindi Shi

Lindi Shi's work is driven by a strong sense of narrative.
Lindi has exhibited in both the US and Japan.
Lindi experiments with a variety of media, including paper sculpture and woodcut prints.

Lindi Shi was born in China in 1995, but relocated to the USA for her university studies. She has a constantly expanding practice, producing work in a variety of media including woodcut prints, paper sculpture, installation art and textiles. Running throughout her work is a fascination with material, in particular paper, and how this can influence form and storytelling. Her illustrative prints have a strong sense of narrative, drawing upon everything from folk tales to children’s stories to everyday experiences. Her work focuses on participation with the audience and how they can relate to the stories that she tells through illustrative art.

Lindi Shi’s Career

While she may be young, Lindi Shi has already had a prolific career as an artist. Interestingly, when she moved to the USA for university, she studied a joint honours degree in mathematics and fine art before getting her masters in printmaking. She has since seen success with her prints and sculpture, working and exhibiting in both the United States and Japan.


Lindi has been featured in several group exhibitions in the US and Japan, and has also had a solo show at House 1 Gallery in Fukuoka.

Selected Works

Childhood (I) by Lindi Shi

Childhood (I)

Prints - 31x61 cm
childhood (II) by Lindi Shi

childhood (II)

Prints - 31x61 cm
Childhood(III) by Lindi Shi


Prints - 31x61 cm
Grandma Ji by Lindi Shi

Grandma Ji

Prints - 125x61 cm
Grandpa Xie by Lindi Shi

Grandpa Xie

Prints - 125x61 cm
Untitled-C by Lindi Shi


Sculpture - 23x11 cm
Untitled-J by Lindi Shi


Sculpture - 51x18 cm
Untitled-T by Lindi Shi


Sculpture - 28x9 cm
Untitled-K by Lindi Shi


Sculpture - 5x33 cm
Untitled-Z by Lindi Shi


Sculpture - 20x18 cm

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