Gokcen Ataman Tanyer

Gokcen Ataman Tanyer was the Sustainable Arts Foundation winner in 2020.
Gokcen mainly works with found and recycled materials.
Gokcen creates art that criticises the way modern architecture is designed and built.

Gokcen Ataman Tanyer is a Turkish visual artist who creates work that explores the aesthetics, functionality and problems of modern architecture. Many of Gokcen’s works take the form of collages, in which she gives depth and texture to her designs. Gokcen most commonly uses found materials such as cardboard and wood fibre in her work. With this resourceful and sustainable approach, Gokcen turns waste into art and scrap material into artistic mediums.

Gokcen Ataman Tanyer’s Education and Career

Gokcen spent much of her early career studying Fine Art. After graduating from Ted Ankara Koleji in 1998, Gokcen went on to study Sculpture at Hacettepe University Ankara before leaving Turkey for Canada where she attended the Institute of Arts and Design at Humber College in Toronto. Since graduating almost 15 years ago, Gokcen has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions throughout Istanbul.

Gokcen’s Concept

Gokcen’s process is led by her desire to highlight the challenges of modern architecture and how this impacts on visual culture more generally. With her mixed media works, Gokcen criticises the way that the rise in consumption ultimately undoes architectural heritage and increasingly urban architecture does not value form or function.

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