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Anh Diù


The attraction of forms and volumes naturally oriented Anh diù towards sculpture of which the woman in her fragility and her questions remains the main inspiration. This art, she has practiced it since 1998 accompanied in her beginnings by Pierre Brun. Subsequently, she emancipated herself to other workshops. Modeling allows it to offer different materials, bronze, patina, resin, plaster and paper. She likes to vary her pleasures and diversify her proposals, always in search of the surprise that a form, a line or a material will reveal to her. A very personal way, to her, to fight against boredom and to vibrate according to her inspiration or her mood.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 46x36 cm


Sculpture - 30x20 cm

Mi lady

Sculpture - 120x40 cm

Lizy (1)

Sculpture - 33x26 cm


Sculpture - 31x25 cm


Sculpture - 36x26 cm


Sculpture - 60x37 cm


Sculpture - 31x31 cm

Victoire n°3

Sculpture - 40x21 cm

La fêlure

Sculpture - 50x15 cm


Sculpture - 40x21 cm


Sculpture - 36x11 cm


Sculpture - 24x38 cm


Sculpture - 36x11 cm

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