Jean-Marc Martinez

Emerging Artist

Biberon with scrap metal, the medallion lock, Jean-Marc Martinez, metal artist maintains a constant duality between a constructivist avant-garde and a classicism in which our eyes perceive in filigree for the forgotten pages of a old novel. & Nbsp; Universe of the artist is populated by hat ladies, often flirtatious, never vulgar, rubbing shoulders with men in full three proud pieces like Artaban! A sensitive metal artist in search of harmony-Marc Martinez sculpt, soda, desoude, like others go to confesses. Its anatomical and totemic sculptures, whose sensitive touch and freshness of mind delight the eye, are intimate testimonies of a large sensitive nostalgic of orange trees in flowers. & Nbsp; the artist works in 3 dimensions: contemporary furniture, Walking in the footsteps of these illustrious sculptors that are Diego Giacometti, Fran├žois-Xavier Lalanne or Garouste and Bonetti ... with intimate, memorial sculptures and other tables-sculptures ... Everything at Jean-Marc Martinez is personified, everything comes to life between His hands and the shape becomes bone. If, the composition is dense, without being saturated, however. Sometimes, in the secret, the wood element coexists with metal, but no sketch, no preparatory approach. The hand guides the mind and not the other way around, and explodes a set of soothing harmony. Up to femininity and exquisan curves Marc Martinez "knows how to do", he is an iron craftsman, he "dares to do" He is an artist to follow. Abstract or figurative, folded and twisted, its compositions enchant this disenchanted world. & Nbsp; to ward off the void, the artist manipulates the most diverse formats and materials. His personal account makes small details and great adventures, plunges us into an enchanted cosmogony. But the man is anxious, no need to hide it ... For our greatest happiness, behind each artist there is a woman. We bet that he does not forget that his story began during a candlelit dinner and that it is united for eternity with the imprint of a flower.

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    Marche by Jean-Marc Martinez


    Sculpture - 50x18 cm
     Totem Plate by Jean-Marc Martinez

    Totem Plate

    Sculpture - 70x18 cm
    Option by Jean-Marc Martinez


    Sculpture - 70x22 cm
    Pression by Jean-Marc Martinez


    Sculpture - 67x26 cm
    Duo by Jean-Marc Martinez


    Sculpture - 48x26 cm
    Les Petits Poissons by Jean-Marc Martinez

    Les Petits Poissons

    Sculpture - 67x28 cm
    Madame by Jean-Marc Martinez


    Sculpture - 33x9 cm
    Totem Fudji by Jean-Marc Martinez

    Totem Fudji

    Sculpture - 121x24 cm
    Exodus by Jean-Marc Martinez


    Sculpture - 29x30 cm
    Compression Visuel by Jean-Marc Martinez

    Compression Visuel

    Sculpture - 48x17 cm

    Compression Ice

    Sculpture - 42x24 cm

    Compression Totem

    Sculpture - 61x17 cm


    Sculpture - 66x20 cm


    Sculpture - 57x34 cm

    Totem compression colors

    Sculpture - 100x18 cm


    Sculpture - 37x16 cm

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