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Eric Bonte


Eric Bonte was born in Paris in 1956. After a scientific baccalaureate, he entered the National School of Applied Arts and Arts of Art, Olivier de Serres, in Paris. The school provides varied education: drawing, painting , interior architecture, space design, advertising, in addition to general languages ​​of languages ​​and letters ... He also chooses the stained glass specialty, for the infinite possibilities that he feels of a work linked to color, in light, The attraction for an artistic and technical approach at the same time. In his school released in 1979, he took over a workshop in Issy les Moulineaux. Treate a workshop was for him the means to lead a professional experience and an adventure Creator. Artist and business manager, creator and manager, it is a question of giving yourself the means to create, to exist, to exist through his art.1979 - 1988 & nbsp; "& nbsp; Eric Bonte Vitraux & nbsp;", & nbsp ; Issy les Moulineauxpend All these years he was entrusted with prestigious projects, for the Plaza Athénée, or the Raphael hotel in Paris, for the headquarters of Cap Gémini Sogetti in Paris. He becomes the glass of Jean Bazaine, and realizes For him the stained glass windows of St Dié des Vosges cathedral, the chapel of St Guénolé Penmarch. It restores its stained glass windows of the St Séverin church in Paris. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ; & nbsp; at the same time he participates in very many exhibitions for personal creations. Disturbish, & nbsp; painter, master glassmaker, & nbsp; sculptor & nbsp; glass, Éric Bonte tent "& nbsp; to combine the reflected, patient, mature of the mature of the Creation to spontaneity of the moment in a sensitive and artistic synthesis. ” It contributes to developing the art of stained glass.

Selected Works

Flight in the light

Sculpture - 77x31 cm

Liberated woman

Sculpture - 53x20 cm


Sculpture - 53x20 cm

Prohibited Triangle

Sculpture - 85x35 cm

Winds swell

Sculpture - 76x47 cm

Sunrise walk

Sculpture - 50x35 cm

Time flies thought remains

Sculpture - 74x47 cm

Elegance walk

Sculpture - 67x27 cm

Comet dust

Sculpture - 56x38 cm

Escaping dove

Sculpture - 57x25 cm

Quiet reflection

Sculpture - 89x28 cm

Floating cloud

Sculpture - 68x38 cm

Ice flame

Sculpture - 93x37 cm

Birth of the elements

Sculpture - 85x40 cm

The origine of the light

Sculpture - 92x35 cm

Blowed in the wind

Sculpture - 100x35 cm

Sacred coral

Sculpture - 78x46 cm


Sculpture - 57x42 cm


Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Soaring Woman

Sculpture - 100x22 cm

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