Nicola Beattie


Nicola Beattie creates contemporary sculpture using traditional materials of stone and bronze, working on a series of themes. She studied at both Exeter and Wimbledon Art Schools, specialising in carving large sculptures in wood and stone, graduating with a degree in Sculpture in 1990. Mainly stone and wood carvings, her current work is particularly inspired by archaeology, castles and stone monuments native to Wales, where she grew up and has recently returned to live. Nicola has exhibited both abroad and throughout the UK; London exhibitions and galleries include: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, The Menier Gallery, Sotheby’s Art Gallery, and Cork Street Gallery Open competitions. Alongside exhibiting, Nicola has completed a number of contemporary art commissions for both private and corporate clients in the UK. In 2020 a bronze commission from further afield saw her work installed in Tai Po, Hong Kong, in the recently built ‘Ontolo’ – a new luxury residence by the sea in Tolo harbour, completed in September 2020. Her work is also held in collections in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Singapore, the Caribbean, the US and Australia. In Nicola was awarded The Sculpture Prize in the Visual Art Open Awards.

Selected Works

Silence by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 36x12 cm
Silence by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 36x12 cm
Cornerstone by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 20x22 cm
Furl by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 40x35 cm
River Pod by Nicola Beattie

River Pod

Sculpture - 87x19 cm
Paso by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 95x17 cm
Sentinel by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 114x14 cm
Archae by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 96x28 cm
Amphora by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 109x36 cm
Core by Nicola Beattie


Sculpture - 37x20 cm


Sculpture - 43x40 cm


Sculpture - 30x33 cm

Ebb and Flow

Sculpture - 42x40 cm


Paintings - 80x80 cm

Let It Rain

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Tranquil Waters

Paintings - 50x20 cm

Beneath the Waters

Paintings - 80x80 cm


Sculpture - 71x42 cm

Forest Pool III

Paintings - 80x80 cm

To Sit and Dream

Sculpture - 46x26 cm

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