Delphine Grandvaux


After a childhood spent in Berlin where she was initiated into sculpture, Delphine Grandvaux moved to Strasbourg in 1990 to follow studies in musicology. In parallel with her activity as a piano teacher, she deepens her modeling technique by following courses in the decorative arts and participates in several exhibitions. In the 2000s, eager to go towards lighter and ventilated creations, she guided her work towards wire and developed in 2017 the mesh technique in her works. The artistic path of Delphine Grandvaux follows a thread. An iron, copper or brass wire, flexible and colorful, with which it sometimes associates other materials such as paper, tin, wool or wood. The mesh technique, which consists in creating meshes from a thread and nesting them in each other by a series of small gestures, allows it to explore several facets of the volume, to highlight its external forms But also interior by a game of transparency and construction. This process takes him to light and flexible creations which seem to play permanently with light according to the places where they are arranged. She finds her inspiration in nature, vegetable, animal and mineral. "It is an infinite exploration field. Everything is matter with a sensation and therefore to creation. I like to explore the multiple facets in search of a balance, a beauty or a truth other than that which is given to see. A bud becomes princely, a pebble carries its story, a tree in which one whispers its secrets…. I let myself be guided by my emotions to nourish my imagination. " In all of her creations, Delphine Grandvaux likes to evoke things more than to define them, thus highlighting the material and the form.

Selected Works

Cabotine by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 35x25 cm
POP'' by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 24x22 cm
Arbre II by Delphine Grandvaux

Arbre II

Sculpture - 100x25 cm
Arbre I by Delphine Grandvaux

Arbre I

Sculpture - 85x25 cm
Germination by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 38x47 cm
Vase  by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 22x18 cm
Karn II by Delphine Grandvaux

Karn II

Sculpture - 31x22 cm
Valseuse by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 45x30 cm
Pulpeuse by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 65x20 cm
Charmeuse by Delphine Grandvaux


Sculpture - 55x20 cm


Sculpture - 17x20 cm

Arbre *

Sculpture - 30x23 cm


Sculpture - 80x20 cm

Octopus IV

Sculpture - 110x35 cm

Octopus II

Sculpture - 115x25 cm


Sculpture - 55x27 cm


Sculpture - 30x30 cm

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