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Catherine Fouvry Leblois


Sculptor of Norman origin, Catherine Fouvry Leblois (also nicknamed Catef), center her work on movement and bodily attitude. In bronze, terracotta or clay, its pieces of sweetness and humanity can be found on Kazoart. They are also present in private collections in France and internationally. Return to her first 2014 loves, Catherine Fouvry Leblois discovers the work of the earth during a modeling workshop. This discovery reconnects her to her artistic aspirations which she had put in parentheses for more than 20 years. She then draws a line on her past service to large companies to finally release the creative energy which had permeated her childhood, so much by the Drawing, dance or music. & nbsp; make the mind and material dialogue an increasingly rapid, pressing, virtual and intangible world, Catherine Fouvry Leblois chooses to land to refocus on the essentials. The sculptor succeeds by working a medium which, conversely, requires a slow process of creation. It is the earth which dictates its rhythm. The works are born in an impulse, of an emotion, of a feeling. The artist works on the line to get to the point, having the mind and matter dialogue.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 15x18 cm

Pensées II

Sculpture - 13x19 cm

Le refuge

Sculpture - 22x8 cm


Sculpture - 43x15 cm


Sculpture - 30x14 cm


Sculpture - 26x9 cm


Sculpture - 14x31 cm


Sculpture - 44x15 cm


Sculpture - 31x20 cm


Sculpture - 30x16 cm

With you

Sculpture - 24x27 cm

You&me III

Sculpture - 25x10 cm

Don't worry

Sculpture - 22x8 cm

In my arms

Sculpture - 29x10 cm


Sculpture - 23x10 cm

L'instant II

Sculpture - 11x32 cm

Connexion II

Sculpture - 25x11 cm


Sculpture - 12x18 cm


Sculpture - 12x18 cm

Le repli

Sculpture - 12x19 cm

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