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Gareth Griffiths

Gareth Griffiths completed a commission for Manchester United’s dressing room.
Gareth is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.
You’ll find Gareth’s work in galleries across the world, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

Gareth Griffiths is a Welsh-born sculptor who is now based in Leeds. Drawing inspiration from architecture, Gareth creates sculptures in the US West Coast style known as Googie. This style is defined by its fluid lines, abstract forms and interesting shapes, and each of Gareth’s sculptures is made using vibrant colours that instantly command the attention. We love the curves and contours of his work, creating an effect that is at once simple and intriguing.

Gareth Griffiths’ Career Path

After a childhood in Wales, Gareth made his way to Leeds where he studied his bachelor’s degree in sculpture, followed by an MA in design. He developed an interest in Abstract Sculpture, influenced by the Googie architectural style originating in West Hollywood, where architects used abstract cut-outs and boomerang shapes to make their buildings stand out from others. He has also completed a commission for the dressing room of Manchester United football team.

Exhibitions and Recognition

Gareth’s minimal art has been featured in exhibitions across the world, showing in locations ranging from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Gareth’s success as a sculptor lead to him becoming a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2015, and he was shortlisted as young Welsh artist of the year by National Eisteddfod in 2003.

Selected Works

East Coast

Sculpture - 35x30 cm


Sculpture - 29x85 cm

Las Polomas

Sculpture - 80x44 cm

La Onda

Sculpture - 33x25 cm

Kalk Bay

Sculpture - 78x41 cm


Sculpture - 57x84 cm


Sculpture - 100x72 cm


Sculpture - 62x42 cm

La Geria

Sculpture - 59x52 cm


Sculpture - 74x31 cm


Sculpture - 55x24 cm

Huntington Beach

Sculpture - 94x46 cm

Hout Bay

Sculpture - 43x32 cm


Sculpture - 46x24 cm


Sculpture - 92x35 cm


Sculpture - 43x21 cm

El Quemao

Sculpture - 48x28 cm


Sculpture - 45x30 cm


Sculpture - 50x45 cm


Sculpture - 50x20 cm

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