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        Adam Dant moved to east London in 1993 and has lived there ever since.
        Adam published his book, Maps of London and Beyond with Atlas in 2018.
        Adam is often hailed as the modern day William Hogarth.

        London-based artist Adam Dant creates intricate map prints that form observant imaginings of city life. His figurative style dives into the many scenes that make up a city, from comical happenings and historical features, to political commentaries. Each of Adam’s pieces are formed of pen and ink drawings, allowing him to compose wonderfully detailed scenes and narratives. Adam’s wry tone and perceptive approach has led to him being hailed as the modern day William Hogarth.

        Adam Dant’s Early Life and Recognition

        Adam was born in Cambridge in 1967, and from the young age of 6, he became fascinated in maps and their ability to tell stories. Dant studied Graphic Design at Liverpool University before completing an MA in Printmaking from The Royal College of Art. Nowadays, Adam is based in east London, which acts as a constant inspiration to Adam’s art. In 2002, Adam won the Jerwood Drawing Prize and in 2015 he was named Election Artist by the UK House of Commons. Adam’s illustrative style is recognised internationally, and has been exhibited at MoMA, Tate Britain and The Museum of London, to name a few.

        Adam and London’s East End

        In 2018, Adam held an exhibition called A Journey to the Heart of East London in Bethnal Green. Showcasing Adam’s cartography that was included in his book, Maps of London and Beyond, the exhibition provided an in-depth and intricate representation of east London’s history. Depicting everything from the city’s lost streets to recently opened coffee shops, Adam’s prints combine the past with the present to form a fully formed impression of the city’s character.

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