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      Emily Rowley


      Emily Rowley is based in Lichfield, England. She primarily works with analogue collage using found materials, collected over years of curiosity. She is inspired and influenced by American suburbia and vintage advertisements from sixies and fifties which provide rich colours and text when putting together a piece. From repurposing images from the past, she feels the work itself organically creates a new narrative or story when combined together.

      ​“The visceral and immersive way of working with collage throws up surprising and unique compositions, each piece a totally different experience. Using analogue allows me to feel truly involved in the process that comes with spontaneity and imperfections, which are my favourite part of the medium, and is what makes my work true. Collage lets me showcase my love for discarded and forgotten ephemera and lets me give it a new form of life. I'm drawn to colour, text and type, fragments of pictures that catch my eye aesthetically. ”

      The artist holds a BA in Illustration from Arts University Bournemouth and since has exhibited in online and public exhibitions.

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