Russian gallerist and contemporary artist Olga Lomaka is known for her playful, Pop Art sculptures.
Grayson Perry selected Olga's work for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition celebrating its 150th anniversary.
Olga’s work is an excellent conversation starter, thanks to its bold, playful colours and underlying controversial themes.

Winner of The Best Contemporary Artist Award (2017), Russian gallerist, contemporary artist and curator Olga Lomaka is known for her playful Pop Art sculptures. Integrating diverse materials, carving and areography, Olga creates compositions that are at once magical and bonkers, humorous and philosophical.

Olga Lomaka’s Style and Medium

Olga teases the lines between the concrete and the abstract and the familiar and the unknown, cleverly hijacking and injecting consumerist imagery and products with new meaning and symbolism. Sharply observant of contemporary culture, Olga pools together contrasting ideas and beliefs - take meditating aliens with haute couture emblems for eyes, as an example - and entices viewers with the resulting controversial works. Popular and lovable cartoon characters such as the Pink Panther frequently make appearances in resin and chrome spray; shiny, loveable and uplifting animals to brighten any space.

Collections and Press Features

You can find Olga's multi-award-winning sculptures and installations in Erarta Museum (St. Petersburg), Pierre Cardin Foundation (Lacoste), Contemporary Art Center M17 (Kyiv), Fine Art Foundation (London), Loyola University Foundation (Chicago) and 25 Kadr Gallery Foundation (Moscow), as well as in private collections worldwide. Grayson Perry selected her Pink Magic sculpture for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition celebrating its 150th anniversary. The Sunday Times, Harper's Bazaar, Forbes Women, The Guardian and more have featured Olga's work.

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