Adam Greener

Adam Greener’s work is ironic, nostalgic, and autobiographical.
Adam unravels childhood memories and recreates them with his witty not-so-grown-up eye.
Using a mix of cultural iconography and colourful embellishments, Adam creates highly collectible, animated Pop Art illustrations.

Visual Artist Adam Greener creates colourful cartoon-like illustrations which are seemingly torn from a child’s schoolbook. Hopscotching between youthful imagination and retrospect, Adam’s bright and chaotic prints are as stimulating as they are humbling.

Adam Greener’s Style and Approach

Adam’s illustrations are autobiographical. He begins by unravelling childhood memories and then recreates them with his witty not-so-grown-up eye. Adam takes loose leaf paper, draws the lines by hand, and then cuts out the little stamp holes himself so that the piece looks like it has been ripped out of a notebook. Adding colourful embellishments and interweaving cultural iconography, Adam’s animated Pop Art drawings become alive with meaning; from iconic movie monsters in limited edition prints like Godzilla to cheeky yet sincere crayola covered drawings like Cheat Codes, Adam’s visual wanderings take viewers on a trip down memory lane.

Collections and Exhibitions

Adam’s award-winning doodles have been taken home by major public figures as well as been exhibited at top galleries including Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825. His work has been featured at world leading art shows such as the LA Art Show in 2019.

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