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Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen used to design for Vivienne Westwood.
Robert Indiana, Polly Morgan and Michael Craig-Martin are three of Magnus's favourite artists.
Magnus considers himself an accidental artist after moving from a career in fashion to fine art.

Born in London, Magnus Gjoen specialises in reinventing and reinvigorating traditional masterpieces. Injecting Renaissance artworks with Pop Art motifs and adorning stately portraits with graphic patterns, Magnus’ approach is one that exposes juxtapositions as a means of bringing about a new perspective. Due to Magnus’ amalgamation of genres, his work hovers between styles, with his collection of prints ranging from the decorative to the refined, from figurative subjects to still life scenes.

Magnus Gjoen’s Career

Having lived in Switzerland, Denmark and Italy, Magnus studied fine art and fashion design before initially embarking on his career as a designer. Working for the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Magnus’ eye for style and beauty shines through as a means of imparting new life into traditional works. Magnus describes himself as an “accidental artist”, and only came to art when decorating the walls of his flat. Combining whit and elegance, Magnus’ unique style is popular with private and public clients alike, with commissions ranging from musicians to publishers, from The Wallace Collection to hotels across the US. His collectors include Kate Moss, Kylie Jenner & Graham Norton.


Since his debut at the Underdog Gallery in 2012, Magnus has had 10 solo shows in galleries across the world. A firm favourite in Norway and the US, the designer-turned-artist frequently shows in art fairs, group shows, auctions and events. Magnus has shown on multiple occasions with Hang-Up Gallery, and his 2015 exhibition, Monster launched a collection of multi-media prints exploring fantasy and fragility, including his large scale surrealist print, Khaos.

Selected Works


Prints - 100x100 cm

Apollo Blue, Large

Prints - 100x100 cm


Prints - 112x85 cm


Prints - 40x40 cm


Prints - 40x40 cm

Off His Head

Prints - 55x45 cm

Flowerbomb II

Prints - 175x70 cm


Prints - 50x50 cm

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