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        Our Curated Collections

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        Japanese Art

        The Japanese Art collection was curated to showcase the talent of Japanese artists and artists based in Japan. Browse the collection and discover original paintings and prints to buy online. Featured Artists The artworks in this collection are all by artists born or based in Japan. To varying degrees, they are influenced by the country's rich history of art and culture, from the ancient to the contemporary. For example, Three Legs by Hidetaka Suzuki depicts traditional markings on a Geisha's neck, the meaning of which is no longer know. The artist explains "I am fascinated by things that have lost their reason, but still remain as a form". Tou Toa's Two Italian Girls On The Boat is more European in its subject matter but seems to be inspired by the Japanese aesthetic ideal wabi-sabi, which encourages acceptance of imperfection and transience in art. Ewelina Skowronska and Kotaro Machiyama are more contemporary in influence, both artists' work are comparable to the "Superflat" pop style of Takashi Murakami.

        Phin Jennings

        Curated by Phin Jennings

        Art for Landscape Lovers

        Landscapes are one of the most popular genres of art on our platform. We’ve curated a collection especially for landscape lovers, showcasing an assortment of paintings, prints and photographys. Browse our landscapes and explore original artworks hand-selected by our curators. Landscape Paintings Early landscapes tended to be based on imaginary places and very few paintings depicted actual landscapes. It was not until the introduction of ready-mixed oil paints in the 1870s that en plein air painting became widely practised and actual landscapes were used. The Legacy of the Landscape In addition to the traditional landscape, there are various other forms of ‘-scape’ which depict different scenes, for instance: cityscapes, seascapes, hardscapes – paved over areas such as streets and sidewalks, aerial landscapes which depict landscapes from above and inscapes – artworks which seek to convey the psychoanalytical view of the mind as a three-dimensional space. View our latest landscape here.

        Verity Babbs

        Curated by Verity Babbs

        Art for Small Spaces

        The Art for Small Spaces collection was curated for those collectors looking for small scale works to fit their space. Consisting of original paintings, limited edition prints and works on paper, this collection showcases artworks from emerging and leading artists working around the world. For more small works of art, explore our collection of small paintings. Start Small Finding art for a small space needn’t mean compromising on the style you like or the artists you’re interested in. Some collectors start with small works of art from established artists and build their collections from there. Starting small means you can play around with hanging, pairing and framing your works, without having the pressure of finding a large statement piece. Browse the collection and find the perfect small scale artwork for every space and setting. Find out more on starting your art collecting journey here.

        Verity Babbs

        Curated by Verity Babbs

        Colour Theory Art

        The Colour Theory Art collection showcases a range of original paintings and prints that reflect the palette and combinations of the colour wheel. Browse the collection and discover contemporary artworks to buy online. About Colour Theory Colour theory demonstrates how humans perceive colour. Based on the colour wheel, colour theory explains the distinction between primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Colour theory dates back thousands of years to Classical times. It can be used to identify warm colours, cool colours, which colours complement each other, and which don’t. Colour theory show how the primary colours of red, yellow and blue can create all other hues and lead to a spectrum of colour. Featured Artists Gavin Dobson works in an expressive style, using gestural brushwork and vibrant colours in his figurative paintings. Often focusing on a male subject, Gavid enhances colours, working with bright pinks and rich blues to give a visceral sense of energy to his oil paintings. Joshua Elias creates large scale abstract paintings that explore themes of spirituality. When talking about his practice, Joshua explains how “painting can illuminate stillness”, thus seeking to add a conceptual dimension to his work.

        Verity Babbs

        Curated by Verity Babbs

        The Connoisseur Collection

        The Connoisseur Collection was curated for those with a refined taste and a penchant for creativity. Favouring art that is intellectually stimulating, the connoisseur takes risks with their art collection. Imaginative and intellectually stimulating figurative styles always appeal to the connoisseur. They’re always open to new artists and exciting artworks and enjoy an eclectic art selection. Featured Artists Yannis Guibinga is a photographer documenting the many cultures and identities on the African continent and its diaspora. Yannis’ approach celebrates African heritage and tradition, as he lets each of his subjects tell their own story. Georgina Clapham is a figurative artist taking inspiration from everything from fashion to folklore, blending new and old motifs together. Joanna Whittle makes small scale intricate paintings that explore familiar and imaginary landscapes, blurring the boundaries between the real and the make-believe. Taking inspiration from romanticism, Joanna explores themes such as history, memory and the passage of time. All the artworks in the Connoisseur Collection reflect the tastes of the connoisseur. Looking for collections inspired by other personality types? View The Pragmatist, The Trailblazer, The Aesthete or The Traditionalist collections.


        Curated by Rise Art