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Wooden Wall Art

The Wooden Wall Art collection was curated to bring together a selection of our curator’s favourite wooden sculptures and wall hangings on the platform. Browse the collection and explore a range of abstract works, geometric pieces and much more to discover new wooden wall art for sale online. Wood & the History of Art Wooden building and sculpting are some of the oldest, most enduring crafts in the world. Whether used for sculpture, a frame or as a stretcher for a painting on a canvas, wood as a material is integral to artistic practice, both for its practical and aesthetic qualities. The first example of decorative wood sculpture can be traced back to ancient Egypt, and from there was used in crafts around the world, including Swedish folk instruments and utensils for the indigenous people of northern Canada and Alaska. ##Featured Artists Alexander Grigorev is an artist and architect working across sculpture, installation, jewellery and architecture. His conceptual approach draws on themes such as popular culture and traditions in Russian and Asian art. Alexander’s series of Molecule works are highly intricate wall sculptures that are finished in gold paint to give them an Art Deco aesthetic. In a similar way to Alexander, Andrij Savchuk creates wall sculptures out of wood, and then finishes them with colourful and monochrome patterns. Discover our full collection of wooden sculptures.


Curated by Cecile Martet

Californian Art

The Californian Art collection celebrates the artists, scenery and inspirations of America’s ‘Golden State’. Featuring sprawling landscape photography, large scale abstracts and vibrant figurative work, the collection was curated to celebrate the art of Californian artists on the platform. Discover more works from American artists in our New from America collection. California’s Art History California has been home to many pivotal post-war art movements in the last century. From elements of Dada making its way over to the west coast to LA-based Surrealism, California has long become the destination for eclectic modern and contemporary artistic styles. David Hockney is perhaps the most obvious artist to be associated with California. Many of his more recognisable paintings and digital drawings respond to Californian living. Hockney first visited Los Angeles in the 1960s and over the space of ten years, produced many paintings depicting poolside scenes. Browse contemporary artworks inspired by Hockney’s style in our David Hockney collection. Featured Artists Monica Griffen is a multidisciplinary artist living in LA. Working primarily in ​​photography, Monica’s works respond to the wide range of California’s natural landscapes. Her ‘In the Wild series documents a series of well-known places and the feelings inspired by each one. Dave Smith is also based in Los Angeles. His surrealist paintings are executed in a hyper-realistic style and draw together identifiable Californian vistas with seemingly random objects such as pizzas, shoes, power drills and fortune cookies. Both Monica and Dave, along with many other artists included in the collection, form artworks that reflect their unique impressions of California Discover more from our American artists.

Phin Jennings

Curated by Phin Jennings

Escapist Art

Looking for art to transport you to somewhere else? Our new Escapist Art collection features paintings, prints and photography from new and established artists across the platform. Art & Escapism In its very nature, art is often seen and appreciated as a way to escape the physical world. Throughout history, images of divine harmony, make-believe and nostalgia have long populated canvases. Whether providing solace through minimalism, spectacle through abstraction and optical art, or bringing the viewer into a fastasical realm, an escapist motif can exist in many forms and styles. Transport yourself to new realms with Sara Hoque's firework displays of colour, Fatima Mian's enchanting streetside scenes, and Richard Pike's lively illustrated landscapes.


Curated by Sophie Heatley

Calming Art

Looking for artworks that bring a calming presence to a space? Our Calming Art collection brings together large and small paintings from leading and emerging artists on the platform. Browse the collection and discover calming art online. Art that Adds to a Space Statement Pieces and Large Paintings needn't be bold and distracting. They often have a visual presence that adds to a space, rather than takes away from it. Art can make a room seem bigger, harmonise other colours throughout the space and bring a relaxed ambience into a setting. Wanting to find a work of art that brings a sense of warmth to a room? View our Warming Artworks collection. How to Fit Art to your Space Buying, framing and fitting art for your home can transform how a room looks, or indeed how an artwork looks. Our team of curators have put together specialist guides to help you arrange and display your art. Find out how to brighten up a dark room, how to match artistic tastes and much more with our guides.


Curated by Cecile Martet

Cobalt Blue

We created the Cobalt Blue collection for those collectors looking for a work of art to fit a setting or scheme. The paintings, prints and mixed media works featured range from abstract to illustrative and figurative styles. Whether you’re after a large scale investment piece, or wanting something to complete a salon hand, the Cobalt Blue collection helps you find original art from leading artists to buy online today. The History of Cobalt Blue Cobalt blue is a pigment that comes from cobalt oxide and aluminium. Discovered by the French chemist Louis Jacques Thénard in 1802, Cobalt Blue is still acknowledged as one of the most important cobalt pigments. It has played a significant role throughout the history of art, contributing to Yves Klein’s International Klein Blue, and called “divine” by van Gogh. The Collection The Cobalt Blue collection showcases original works from some of our leading artists. Different shades of blues come together to form a spectrum of working that complement and contrast one another. Looking for more Blue artworks? Browse our Hues of Blues collection.


Curated by Cecile Martet

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