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Black Friday

Our Black Friday collection showcases a range of exciting and dynamic pieces of art for you to buy online today. Abundant with emotion, intensity and at times humour, the Black Friday collection embodies the feelings often associated with this recent phenomenon. Our curators have selected pieces of art that capture the tone of Black Friday in a range of paintings, prints, sculptures and photography. The Black Friday collection is formed of art that is daring in approach and bold in aesthetic. Browse through our collection and discover art that varies in style, scale and subject, but is unified in a dynamic and dramatic approach. Our Black Friday collection exhibits art that merges elements of beauty and intensity with extreme vulnerability. One artist who demonstrates this is Stella Kapeznou. Stella’s paintings are characterised by their contrasts. Whether contrasting colour, style or setting, Stella creates in-depth and complex narratives within her paintings. Leo and Friends displays the intensity that contrast can achieve. Stella has framed her subjects in a bright and vibrant striped pattern which gives a sense of immediacy and action to her painting. This contrast between subject and backdrop is evident elsewhere in the Black Friday collection, including Misericord by Andrew McNeil Jones. Here, Andrew combines detail with an unfinished and textured backdrop to further enhance the direct nature of his subject. Another piece in the Black Friday collection that reveals the intensity of the human condition is The Grief by Yannis Guibinga. In this photograph, Yannis captures a moment of extreme silence and deep introspection. The vulnerability of the figure in this painting creates a distance between the artwork and the viewer, whereas in Nelson Makamo’s drawing, *Beauty, the figure looks beyond the viewer to draw us back into our own environment. Abstract paintings and drawings also feature throughout the Black Friday collection. Direct and visceral works such as Felicity by Lisa Carney and Dodging ‘tween the flak stand out as bold feature pieces, whilst Philip Vaughn’sVeiled Reference uses monochrome to create movement. All three paintings have a tangeable dynamic to them, formed by the repeated and layered use of line. Layering often gives depth to art, as is clear in Niki Hare’s painting, This is Now. Niki plays on the aesthetics of signage with typography to hover between the abstract and the real. Philip Maltman on the other hand, uses wording to create movement and inflection within his paintings. His piece, Opulent Curves 2 is poetic, yet fragmented, gesturing towards the flux of everyday life. Take a look through our Black Friday collection to discover captivating and compelling works of art from some of the biggest names on the contemporary art scene. This curated collection is uniquely diverse in scale, style and genre, reflecting our wider range of art available at Rise Art. Whether you are looking for something to appeal to your bold taste, or you have a penchant for all things dynamic and exciting, browse through our online gallery and find the perfect new piece to buy online today.

Curated by Phin Jennings