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Frank Schroeder


Part of Frank Schroeder's work revisits the classic and philosophical themes that have built our Western cultural and artistic identity, while developing a contemporary vision of these subjects. He also works on a very personal and introspective reflection on themes such as "silence", "infinite expectation" and "loneliness". He considers that a painting should not be a simple illustration. Each painting must tell its spectator a story, and must be similar to the mirror of "Alice in Wonderland" which absorbs the spectator and makes him cross the border between the reality and the imagination of the artist. Frank Schroeder wants his painting to place the spectator in front of his nature, his fears and his reality. He also believes that painting is only interesting if it illustrates an intellectual and philosophical reflection, which is necessary for all creative acts.

Selected Works

Me and Myself (we rarely agree)

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Key to the Century

Paintings - 174x139 cm

Black Politics act.4

Paintings - 69x47 cm

Jesus, his mother and the samurai

Paintings - 140x100 cm

Mystic recognition

Paintings - 105x135 cm

Don’t forget to fly

Paintings - 140x190 cm

The remedy

Paintings - 155x205 cm

Naughty dreads

Paintings - 133x166 cm

Blue Forest

Paintings - 160x122 cm

Space Museum

Paintings - 150x200 cm

Soul Sisters

Paintings - 103x153 cm

Black Politics act.46

Paintings - 90x65 cm

Three is a crowd

Paintings - 130x190 cm

Second life

Paintings - 90x65 cm


Paintings - 100x150 cm

Pineapple Infinity

Paintings - 144x91 cm

Prélude of Darkness

Paintings - 106x95 cm

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