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MagLM, of her real name Magali Lapeyre-Mirande, is a French self-taught artist residing near Bordeaux. After working for many years exclusively on portraits, she began to combine her passion for nature and animals with that for art.

Member of the Aranima association which brings together international artists committed in favor of biodiversity, she actively participates in the defense of wild animals by transferring a percentage of the sale of her works to charitable organizations dedicated to this cause.

Working mainly with graphite and carbon pencils for more than ten years, MagLM refines as its own methods and techniques as you can draw wild and lively wildlife. Hyperrealism is for her meditative, special attention being paid to details and repetition. This is part of the challenge, just like patience, and the two make the fulfillment of a work all the more rewarding.

Starting from an image that she considers interesting, aesthetically and conceptually speaking, she uses the composition process as a tool for reflection: having an approximate idea of ​​the aspect and the emotions she wants to give, new ideas and ideas unexpected come to mind by working with the effects of light. Her works bring a presence in a room, embodying the subject in a way that allows you to live the work of art as an interactive encounter.

Selected Works


Drawings - 50x40 cm

Le roi lion

Drawings - 90x60 cm


Drawings - 60x40 cm


Drawings - 40x30 cm


Drawings - 100x50 cm

Beauté tachetée

Drawings - 70x50 cm

Yuan zi

Drawings - 70x50 cm


Drawings - 60x30 cm


Drawings - 30x30 cm


Drawings - 40x50 cm


Drawings - 40x30 cm


Drawings - 50x70 cm


Drawings - 50x70 cm


Drawings - 50x50 cm


Drawings - 30x40 cm


Drawings - 35x25 cm


Drawings - 40x60 cm

La Vigie

Drawings - 50x40 cm

Là haut

Drawings - 60x40 cm

Les yeux de l'âme

Drawings - 40x50 cm

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