Modern French Artists

Modern French artists are globally recognised for their unique style and flair, championing important movements from Surrealism to Impressionism. With Paris as one of the world’s centres for art and culture, and the south of France playing home to foreign artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh, it’s no surprise that the country is considered one of the world’s most artistic.

From Classic French Artists to Present Day

Among some of the most famous French artists are Claude Monet, whose Impressionistic Paintings captured the fleeting qualities of light, and Cézanne, who worked with strong brushstrokes and a vibrant palette to lay the foundations for a new kind of art in the 20th Century.

While it’s important to know the classics in the art world, there are also plenty of contemporary French artists just waiting to be discovered. These artists are working with all kinds of media, from Photography to Sculpture. For seasoned pros and beginner collectors alike, we’re here to guide you to the perfect new addition to your art collection.

Patricia Poullain

Although she has lived and worked across the world, Patricia Poullain embodies the modernist spirit of many contempoary French artists, and she has been active on the scene since the late 1950s. Her Abstract Paintings are beautifully proportioned, using carefully selected colours in a kaleidoscopic effect. The result is elegant and simple, making her pieces perfect for fans of understated artwork. Take September 2016, a study of three colours in shapes that are perfectly balanced against each other.

Etienne Clément

For more eclectic artworks, check out the work of Etienne Clément, a French artist who creates highly detailed dioramas which he then photographs. Etienne draws upon his education in Art History to create historical scenes with a distinctly French flavour, as well as more modern scenes taken from across the world. These artworks are rich with social commentary and wit, shining a light on the flaws of society. Pompadour. Toy Stories is one such piece, in which a woman in period dress is contrasted against a more gritty, modern backdrop.


Alban is a modern French artist who breaks with tradition to take on a more Pop Art style, using the unconventional material of wood as a canvas for his painting. This wood takes on a degraded appearance, appearing almost as scrap metal from machinery or aircraft, inviting the viewer to reconsider their perceptions of the world and to doubt appearances. His colourful artwork makes clever reference to pop culture, politics and film history, making it as intriguing as it is visually interesting.

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