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        Pak Keung Wan is currently working on a project titled ‘Lune’ based on NASA’s diagrams of solar eclipses.
        You’ll find Pak Keung’s work in collections such as the Royal College of Art.
        Pak Keung has exhibited across the globe, from India to the United States.

        Born in Hong Kong, Pak Keung Wan is now based in the UK, where he lives and works in Birmingham. Pak Keung has worked with a variety of different mediums, ranging from photography to installation pieces, but drawing remains the most consistent medium throughout his practice. In these minimalistic pieces, Pak Keung takes lines and forms as a central subject, often incorporating these with vintage source material such as postcards to create a striking result. His work has a captivating simplicity, carefully considered in its form and geometry.

        Pak Keung Wan’s Career Path

        Pak Keung relocated to the UK, where he studied a BA in Fine Art from West Surrey College of Art and Design, followed by an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London. Since then, his conceptual art has earned him numerous artist residencies in locations ranging from Nebraska to New Delhi. Pak Keung is currently working on a project that includes pencil drawings, animations and installation titled ‘Lune’. The initial idea for this project was born from a NASA publication with detailed diagrams of all the solar eclipses over a 5000 year period.

        Exhibitions and Collections

        Pak Keung’s conceptual drawings have been exhibited across the globe, with solo shows in diverse spots, from India to the West Midlands. You’ll find his art in collections such as the Royal College of Art in London and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, USA.

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