Enzo Marra

Enzo Marra was selected for The John Moores Painting Prize in 2012 and 2016.
Enzo’s art explores the private space of the studio and the commodified space of the gallery.
Enzo has been shortlisted for the 100 Painters of Tomorrow.

British painter Enzo Marra works in oils to create small scale expressionistic paintings. With an impasto technique that is reminiscent of School of London artists Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff, Enzo draws the viewer’s attention to the textural surface of his paintings. Enzo uses a refined palette, sometimes consisting of monochrome tones, and often just in black and white. The subjects Enzo chooses are typically reflections of the art world, from private studio spaces to wider gallery settings. With this subject choice, Enzo reimagines the traditions of artists painting one another, whilst inviting the viewer to access our own role as an observer.

Enzo Marra’s Education and Awards

After graduating from The University of Reading in 1999, Enzo went on to get an MA from The University of Brighton. Since finishing his studies in 2001, Enzo’s expressive style has become established throughout the UK, leading to award selections from The John Moores Painting Prize, The Threadneedle Price and The Creekside Open, to name a few.


Over the last ten years, Enzo’s work has been shown internationally in group and solo shows. One of Enzo’s most recent solo exhibitions, Deluge was held at 139artspace in London and tracked the recent developments of his style. Combining ceramics, drawings and paintings, and rejecting working from any particular source of imagery, the exhibition was centred around Enzo’s desire to create instinctive art that challenged his practice.

Selected Works

Nature study by Enzo Marra

Nature study

Paintings - 31x25 cm
Snake and hole by Enzo Marra

Snake and hole

Paintings - 20x20 cm
Nature study by Enzo Marra

Nature study

Paintings - 21x15 cm
Nature study by Enzo Marra

Nature study

Paintings - 21x15 cm
Snake and peak by Enzo Marra

Snake and peak

Paintings - 25x20 cm
bird half by Enzo Marra

bird half

Paintings - 30x40 cm
bird parts by Enzo Marra

bird parts

Paintings - 30x42 cm
separate by Enzo Marra


Paintings - 20x15 cm
stable by Enzo Marra


Paintings - 15x20 cm
collapse by Enzo Marra


Paintings - 15x20 cm

Bird tail

Drawings - 32x24 cm

Bird foot

Drawings - 32x24 cm

Bird head

Drawings - 24x32 cm


Paintings - 10x10 cm

Self portrait

Paintings - 10x10 cm


Paintings - 25x20 cm


Paintings - 35x28 cm


Paintings - 35x28 cm

Artist and Bust

Paintings - 15x20 cm

Supported Head

Paintings - 24x32 cm

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