Ilya Yod is a rising artist known for his paintings featuring figures composed of small cube-shaped elements. With experience living in several countries across Europe and Asia, he currently operates studios in France and Estonia. Ilya Yod began formal art training at age eight and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Emerging Practices from Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l’Image in France. His artwork has been exhibited in over 15 international art shows and was longlisted in the Contemporary Visions exhibition in the UK. Ilya Yod's paintings are colourful and luminescent, with his preferred medium being acrylic. He wants to create impactful art that promotes better understanding of the world through personal and social growth, influenced by his interests in philosophy, psychology, and science. Although he keeps his personal information private, Ilya Yod's artwork has been featured in prominent publications such as Creative Boom and Partfaliaz. His commitment to experimentation and curiosity ensures that his art will continue to captivate audiences in the future.

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