Jean-François Laurent (JFL)


Jean-François Laurent-JFL was born in Lille in 1975. He painted with his own style since 1997 mainly with oil painting on canvas frame. It is inspired by lights, colors and transparencies. His work is influenced by the works of Lyonel Feininger, Robert Delaunay or Constantin Brancusi. In his paintings, Jean-François Laurent seeks to transform perspectives and light to show the invisible, the interdependence of things, beings and objects. The lines intersect, cut themselves off, deform to give a very structured composition and yet perfectly free and detached from the rules. The subject, ranging from figurative to total abstraction, remains as perceptible by the observer who can project himself in these familiar forms, while leaving him the possibility of seeing what he wants to see there, and to feel this that he wants. Light and shadows are everywhere in the web, so that from each point of view, understanding the work is different. Its touch is precise, it works with little material and with a range of reduced colors. He thus seeks to vibrate the canvas, to make it as alive and sensitive to his environment. JFL seeks that each work is to be rediscovered at every moment, that the one who observes it lets itself be caught by the composition, by the colors, by movement and that each time it lets itself be touched as if it was first time.

Jean-François Laurent (JFL) Artworks

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    Basketball by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)


    Drawings - 65x50 cm
    Uppercut (La Boxe) by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

    Uppercut (La Boxe)

    Drawings - 42x30 cm
    Paris, Magenta 2023 by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

    Paris, Magenta 2023

    Paintings - 116x73 cm
    Horizons by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)


    Paintings - 70x70 cm
    Le pont des arts by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

    Le pont des arts

    Paintings - 61x50 cm
    Montmartre by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)


    Drawings - 80x60 cm
    Iconic Vespa by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

    Iconic Vespa

    Drawings - 70x50 cm
    L’Albatros by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)


    Paintings - 100x100 cm
    Potters field by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

    Potters field

    Paintings - 20x20 cm
    Le porteur - atlas by Jean-François Laurent (JFL)

    Le porteur - atlas

    Paintings - 90x90 cm

    Entre Arles et Bruxelles

    Paintings - 30x30 cm


    Paintings - 54x46 cm

    Aux champs (in the fields)

    Paintings - 46x61 cm

    Deanston distillery

    Paintings - 41x33 cm

    L'express pour Riga

    Paintings - 73x100 cm


    Drawings - 42x32 cm

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