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Discover abstract mixed media paintings for sale. Showcasing pieces from some of the most exciting artists, our collection is ever-evolving with captivating, powerful pieces. Browse today to find the abstract mixed media paintings for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. Not sure where to start? Explore our popular abstract paintings, abstract prints and abstract collages mixed-media-2 paintings. Or discover more about artists like Patricia McParlin, Corinne Natel and Roseline Al Oumami.

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      No. 662 v.2

      Paintings - 76x76cm

      If walls could talk

      Paintings - 76x76cm


      Paintings - 50x70cmRent for $ 165/mo

      Awakening In The Dunes

      Paintings - 70x70cmRent for $ 125/mo

      Unit 31750

      Paintings - 118x126cm

      Riverside 2

      Paintings - 80x80cmRent for $ 155/mo

      Black Wing II

      Paintings - 70x90cmRent for $ 220/mo

      Traces Of Change 2

      Paintings - 100x60cmRent for $ 155/mo

      Disappearance II

      Paintings - 101x101cm

      2 Blue Notes

      Paintings - 50x70cmRent for $ 165/mo

      Untitled I

      Paintings - 123x92cmRent for $ 720/mo

      The Distance

      Paintings - 120x140cmRent for $ 260/mo

      Collage 6

      Paintings - 150x150cmRent for $ 120/mo

      A Pause, A Happiness

      Paintings - 30x30cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Sitting In Your Garden

      Paintings - 31x31cmRent for $ 90/mo

      Untitled, #7 (from the Lung series)

      Paintings - 20x27cmRent for $ 52/mo

      Or Less

      Paintings - 61x61cmRent for $ 185/mo

      Up Side Down R

      Paintings - 76x122cmRent for $ 230/mo

      Untitled CubaDISCO Pastel

      Paintings - 30x40cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Natalis amore II

      Paintings - 100x100cmRent for $ 390/mo

      Untitled, #5 (from the Lung series)

      Paintings - 20x27cmRent for $ 52/mo

      3 Figures in Orange

      Paintings - 50x70cmRent for $ 165/mo

      Half Light

      Paintings - 90x120cmRent for $ 295/mo

      Emergence VI

      Paintings - 30x21cmRent for $ 43/mo

      territorial aware, London

      Paintings - 35x30cmRent for $ 76/mo


      Paintings - 57x76cm

      Focus (everything)

      Paintings - 184x150cmRent for $ 210/mo