Alberto Sanchez

Alberto Sanchez has won the Bowness Photography Prize and the Prometheus Visual Arts Award.
Alberto Sanchez travels the world to take his photographs of landscapes.
Alberto is represented by galleries across Europe, the US and Australia.

Based between Spain and Australia, Alberto Sanchez is a multimedia artist, working with paint and photography to create expressive and absorbing pieces of art. Exploring notions of our human environment, urban expansionism and the struggles of individuality, Alberto’s art causes the viewer to examine our own perfection of space and time. By adorning black and white photography with energetic and gestural marks, Alberto creates a parallel universe in his landscapes.

Early life and Career

Alberto grew up in Castilla, a small town in northern Spain with a landscape formed of Roman aqueducts, gothic cathedrals and medieval castles. These childhood surroundings have proven to be a huge influence on Alberto’s process as much of his work explores how our identity is formed and changed by place. Since moving to Australia over ten years ago, Alberto continues to explore this through the combination and contrasts of photography and painting. Alberto’s original and versatile technique has received a host of awards, including Bowness Photography Prize, Prometheus Visual Arts Award and Doug Moran Portrait Prize, amongst many others.

Alberto Sanchez’s Collections

Alberto’s style has always focused on reinventing photographs, of merging the realm of the real with the realm of the imaginary. His collections range from People, to Landscape, to Metropolis. Recently, Alberto has produced a collection of New Abstract Works, which meditate on the tension between movement and stillness to produce a collection of endlessly captivating works of art.

Selected Works

Canto Al Elba by Alberto Sanchez

Canto Al Elba

Paintings - 60x60 cm
A Revolutionary Act in June by Alberto Sanchez

A Revolutionary Act in June

Paintings - 125x98 cm
Escena con Trolley by Alberto Sanchez

Escena con Trolley

Paintings - 101x85 cm
Los Humanos by Alberto Sanchez

Los Humanos

Paintings - 100x97 cm
Emma Forged the Line by Alberto Sanchez

Emma Forged the Line

Paintings - 96x85 cm
Totem by Alberto Sanchez


Paintings - 67x97 cm

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