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Alison Cooley


Alison Cooley's atmospheric abstraction draws on material juxtapositions and a language of repetitive markings, ink blooms, etchings, and organic elements to explore the beautiful, continuous cycles of the natural world. Symbols in the paintings replicate, change, fade, and return through the work creating a subtle tension that examines themes of compliance and resistance, harmony and dissonance, certainty and illusion. Born in Washington DC, Cooley’s work has been exhibited and represented by galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Richmond and Toronto.

Selected Works

Celestia (lost stars) 14000x

Paintings - 66x51 cm

Luce 3000

Paintings - 91x66 cm

Luce 2800

Paintings - 91x66 cm

Luce 2900

Paintings - 91x66 cm

Luce 3100

Paintings - 91x66 cm

Celestia (lost stars) 13000x

Paintings - 66x51 cm

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