Female Abstract Artists

Discover female Abstract artists online. Peruse the works and inspirations of a range of female creators experimenting with a range of mediums from painting to collage, and pushing the boundaries of digital print and photography.

Female Abstract Mixed-Media Artists

Niki Hare’s style is a fusion of abstract expressionism and modern street art. Her canvases are an investigation of the Self, often invoking a sense of imbalance, discomfort and temporality. Her visual diaries such as As Little Design As Horrible, mixed-media collage, with their almost illegible script and melancholy colourwork, prompt observers to dig a little deeper to grasp their own understanding of the piece.

Mixed-media Artist Daniela Schweinsberg creates explosive abstract paintings which demand to be touched. Her signature gestural brushstrokes take centre stage; rather than using up space, the robust and energetic pigments appear to create the space an eruption leaves behind. This unique textural approach can be seen throughout her Frozen series including Frozen III, acrylic, ink and charcoal on canvas, or in Splash.

Female Abstract Collagists and Printmakers

Abstract Artist Gina Parr is celebrated for her atmospheric paintings and abstract photography, mediums which she often combines. Influenced by natural landscapes and organic matter, Gina’s practice inquires into experimental surface textures. Innovative mark-making techniques with palette knives, cloth, brushes, sponges and fingers are present throughout her portfolio. Her digital prints such as Muralla Cuba, for instance, capture landscape and sky scenes with a painterly quality.

Daisy Cook specialises in oil painting and collage. Her modern style reinvents traditional landscape painting, assembling layers of organic colours, geometric shapes and harmonious forms. Green Collage With Circle, mixed media on a vintage book cover, for example, is one of her many aesthetical collages with a decisively photographic and angular feel, donning her work a modern and yet intricate sense of space and time.

Female Abstract Painters

Heloise Delegue uses textiles and mixed-media paintings to reveal the beauty, poetry and humour within seemingly mundane aspects of our quotidian and to explore how humans interact. Provocative dissection-like acrylic paintings, such as Soft Tease #1, are a visual reflection of the artist’s interest in breaking down complex human relationships and hierarchies. The artist (re)constructs semi-autobiographical and semi-recognisable symbols, shapes and type, prompting observers to make sense of the work in their own way.

British painter Victoria Acache is internationally recognised for her elusive, Rothkoesque style which plays with luminous colours, exploratory lines and the illusion of space. Victoria combines drypoint printing with balanced colour palettes to produce shapely and harmonious canvases such as Cumulus.

Avant-garde British painter, Joe Hesketh, has received consistent critical acclaim for her unusual and oft freakish portraits. Her paintings such as Man, oil on canvas, aim to interpret life as a young woman in 21st century Britain. Joe’s grotesque and transgressive style is emphasised using brazen brushstrokes, ominous, eerie figures, cutting lines and bold colours.

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