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        Leanne Stephens

        Leanne Stephens paints landscapes untouched by humankind.
        Leanne channels a romantic and idealistic aesthetic, with a rouging palette of warm reds, purples and sunset hues.
        These landscapes present a meaningful and inspiring message about our responsibility to help combat the climate crisis.

        Bristol-based abstract artist Leanne Stephens produces landscape paintings with a difference. Edgy textures, ambiguous forms and romantic colours combine to show a new world, untouched by humankind.

        Leanne Stephens' Early Career & Inspiration

        Leanne studied Fine Art at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2013. Leanne’s obscured landscapes are a warm and blushing tapestry of possibility, born from a desire to present a planet unaffected by the climate crisis. Experimenting with scale, light, colour and form, Leanne offers up self-titled quixotic panoramas of lush, tropical terrains.

        The Process

        Her process usually begins with the visceral application of a minimal colour palette on canvas. The artist then goes onto layer paint, gradually introducing more colour, textures and forms. When hints of a landscape begin to appear, Leanne embellishes the scene - always leaving a lingering sense of incompletion, of more to come, of potential.

        Press & Exhibitions

        Since graduating, Leanne has regularly exhibited in galleries across the UK, such as at the Affordable Art Fair. One of her most recent solo shows was at Pound Arts Centre in Wiltshire (2019).

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