Ta Byrne features in private collections in over 40 countries across the world.
Ta’s unique style combines elements of cubism, modernism and abstract art.
Ta names Van Gogh and Picasso as some of her key influences.

Ta Byrne is a Thai artist who lives and works from the beautiful island of Koh Samui, just off the south coast of Thailand. Her Oil Paintings are vibrant, eye-catching and packed with a sense of fun and humour. Ta takes humans as her focal point in her Figurative Paintings, but abstracts these figures by distorting them and using a cartoonish style to create a more humorous feel. While her work is mostly representational, she incorporates Surrealist elements to many of her paintings, making her one of the most exciting artists working in Thailand today.

Ta Byrne’s Artistic Journey

Ta comes from humble beginnings, living out her childhood in the rural outskirts of Bangkok as a farmer’s daughter. During her teen years she worked sewing shirts in a Bangkok sweatshop, and it is during this time that she met an old street artist who invited her to his studio. This sparked her desire to become an artist, and since then she has gone on to produce Abstract and Cubist paintings that have received international acclaim from art connoisseurs.

Collections and Exhibitions

Ta’s Paintings feature in private collections across over 40 countries, ranging from Australia to Spain, and from Hong Kong to Malibu Beach. She has had a solo exhibition at the Peter Dougle Art Gallery in Koh Samui, and has graced the walls of The Apple Gallery in Bath, UK.

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