Victoria Achache

Victoria Achache is a painter and print-maker whose figurative works feature vibrant colour schemes and abstract spaces.
The artist has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe.
Victoria's chic pieces would suit an elegant interior.

Victoria Achache is a London based painter and print-maker. Her work focuses on vibrant colour schemes and abstract spaces from which elusive figures emerge. Victoria's drypoint printing technique gives her artwork a spontaneous feel. This process allows the artist to draw directly onto the plate and colour each work individually.

Victoria has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe. She has recently held solo shows in Macedonia at the Institut Francais Gallery as well as the Quest Gallery in Bath.

Selected Works

Blue Running Figure by Victoria Achache

Blue Running Figure

Paintings - 82x122 cm
Cumulus by Victoria Achache


Paintings - 102x122 cm
figure lying down by Victoria Achache

figure lying down

Prints - 63x88 cm
Trees by Victoria Achache


Prints - 72x88 cm
figure with red trousers by Victoria Achache

figure with red trousers

Prints - 73x88 cm
figure in a landscape by Victoria Achache

figure in a landscape

Paintings - 102x122 cm
Pink Leggings by Victoria Achache

Pink Leggings

Paintings - 82x122 cm
Sitting with bent knee by Victoria Achache

Sitting with bent knee

Paintings - 92x122 cm
woman in blue by Victoria Achache

woman in blue

Prints - 75x99 cm

Falling woman

Prints - 45x57 cm

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