Harriet Hoult

Harriet Hoult had a solo exhibition at The Well Hung Gallery in Hoxton last year.
Harriet takes on commissions, please contact Rise Art for more details.

Harriet is a London based abstract artist, working with acrylic and mixed media on paper.

Her pieces can be seen as meditations on our relationship with life, drawing influence from both the inner and outer landscape. Exploring themes such as home, boundaries both physical and psychological, a sense of belonging, freedom and beauty, her work aims to take us beyond the intellectual process to an underlying visceral experience.

There is a sculptural element to her painting, which creates a rich sensory experience, along with a bold expression of texture, composition and colour.

Harriet has spent time living and working in Cornwall, which has had a strong influence on her work. She was mentored by renowned ceramicist and artist Sandy Brown.

Her work has been shown in galleries, art fairs and private collections throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

Selected Works

What About The Way by Harriet Hoult

What About The Way

Paintings - 113x89 cm
Jude by Harriet Hoult


Paintings - 137x101 cm
Travarrian by Harriet Hoult


Paintings - 137x101 cm
Sitting Here by Harriet Hoult

Sitting Here

Paintings - 122x148 cm
The Brisons by Harriet Hoult

The Brisons

Paintings - 137x101 cm
Tregurrian by Harriet Hoult


Paintings - 94x94 cm
Citrine by Harriet Hoult


Paintings - 129x93 cm
At-Ha by Harriet Hoult


Prints - 91x63 cm
Along The River by Harriet Hoult

Along The River

Prints - 91x63 cm
Walking The Loop by Harriet Hoult

Walking The Loop

Prints - 91x63 cm

A Brightness

Prints - 91x63 cm

Ferry Road

Prints - 53x80 cm

Safe Spaces (X)

Collage - 16x11 cm


Collage - 16x11 cm


Collage - 16x11 cm


Paintings - 137x101 cm

Sawyers Hill

Paintings - 129x93 cm

I Didn't Realise

Paintings - 120x120 cm


Paintings - 101x137 cm

Untitled 2

Paintings - 117x93 cm

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