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        Héloïse Delègue is a French multimedia artist interested in exploring the complexities of human relationships.
        Héloïse blurs the lines between the truth and the imagined with her semi-autobiographical creations.
        Héloïse narrates socio-political thought using small, symbolic detail added with ink, charcoal or pastel, as well as through scarring the surface of her canvas with ineligible text.

        Héloïse Delègue is a multimedia artist specialising in textiles and painting. Héloïse reveals the beauty, poetry and humour within seemingly mundane aspects of our quotidien and exposes the complexity of human relationships and interaction. With a semi-autobiographical approach, Héloïse’s intensely imaginative abstract expressionist creations blur the lines between truth and fiction, and memory and imagination.

        Education and Early Career

        Héloïse studied Visual Arts at Sorbonne University, Paris, and then an MFA at Goldsmith College in London. During her training, Héloïse began to pursue the endless creative possibilities provided by how humans communicate with one another, as well as her interest in the cult of materialism and consumerism.

        Héloïse Delègue’s Style and Approach

        Héloïse taps into an anthropological mindset and dissects, draws apart and reconstructs the inherent, the conditioned and the internalised elements of the self in an artistic post-mortem. Fusing, displacing and reconstructing semi-recognisable symbols, disparate objects, and pastel-coloured palettes, her expressionistic paintings and constructed textiles disrupt and challenge ideas about human relationships and hierarchies within genders and belief systems. As seen in Living Room Oddities and La Fuite, Héloïse creates disorientating imagery by playing with scale and warped perspectives. We, as outsiders, must endeavour to observe the work from multiple perspectives until, “like a jigsaw puzzle, the abstracted pieces begin to fall into place.”

        Exhibitions and Accolades

        Héloïse has been featured in Wall Street International, London’s Artist Quarter and Venison Magazine. The artist has also exhibited internationally in NYC, London, Luxembourg, Rio de Janeiro and Gothenburg. If you’d like to learn more about what inspires Héloïse, check out our Spotlight on the Artist.

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